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EZ-Flash 5 ViEZ-Flash 5 DSi also known with Roman numerals Vi that would mean EZ-Flash 6 :)


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EZ-Flash Team flash cardsEZFlash Team has been making backup devices and tools for Nintendo consoles since 2001!
They started out with GBA Flash Linkers like the EZ Flash 2 Power Star and moved on to DS and DSi R4 scene.


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5 of 5 Stars!    by Andrew Slaski 09/04/2010

Arrived very promptly, followed the instructions and it worked straight away, had got another from another company and couldn't get it to work, but this was amazing, had it up and running in a short space of time, would highly recommend this company and it was a reasonable price too!

Brought this for my wife, her Nintendo DS had gone faulty, so I brought her a Nintendo DS XL. Only to find her existing R4 card was not compatible with the XL. Got the EZ-Flash Vi card from your store and it works a treat, followed the excellent setup video instructions on the R4i website, and everything worked straight out of the box. You kept me well informed throughout the whole order process. I have no hesitation recommending


5 of 5 Stars!    by John Aitken 07/04/2010

I ordered the Vi and it worked fine... but when I read the comments I thought it would come in pretty quick until I read the FAQ's. It says it may take up to 15 days and it did... I just didn't like how long it took to came in but the product itself is fine.


3 of 5 Stars!    by Quy Nguyen 05/04/2010

Thanks!!!!! I really love your EZ-Flash VI card and the amount of discounts your giveing me and your EZ Flashcard works perfectly on my Nintendo dsi.


5 of 5 Stars!    by Akis hajittofi 04/04/2010

The Vi card I ordered worked perfectly in my old DS & my new DSi XL. Delivered pretty quickly too! A word of warning; as instructed by this website, I downloaded the firmware from them to make the card work, followed their instructions to the letter - when I fired it up the first time I got a message that the card was counterfeit! I deleted the firmware, went to the website printed on the front of the box, downloaded THEIR firmware... and the card worked! If you have similar problems, you might want to try this.


4 of 5 Stars!    by Austin Ashwell 04/04/2010

There is no problem dealing with EZ-Flash V. Everything whent smoothley.


5 of 5 Stars!    by Alan Dybkjaer 02/04/2010

thank you my EZ-Flash Vi sdhc came in just a week! i use it all the time thankyou so much it works perfectly!


5 of 5 Stars!    by maxwell tatham 01/04/2010

thank you my ezflash Vi came in just a week! i use it all the time thankyou so much it works perfectly!


EZ-Flash Vi is the teams flagship product for Nintendo DSi.


ezflash 3ds

We sure hope to see what EZFlash cards will come out for 3DS. Maybe as soon as the Nintendo 3DS is released?


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