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4 of 5 Stars!    by Svend Axelsen 08/06/2010

This is my first review of an R4 card , i normally order the M3 card this i have found to be the most common and have ordered many M3 cards and found very reliable , so i wanted another M3 but found they were all out of stock so decided to order a CycloDS Evolution instead ( take a chance on an unfamiler card ) i followed the sites recommendations for software and it worked first time with no problems fantastic!!!! i think the user interface on the CycloDS Evolution looks better than the M3 either way the CycloDS is cheaper as well and now find my self fully converted to the CycloDS Evolution for my customers, also whenever i order from Jersey the post is faster than if i ordered from round the corner, great website great product thank you for a trouble free purchase A+++


CycloDS DS R4

CycloDS is a premium class DS R4 card with great built quality and excellent support + updates for perfect 100% compatibility with all NDS backups / R4 Roms.
CycloDS Evolution games and rom downloads online. The original Cyclo DS Lite cart and microSD card writer. Nintendo DSi and DSi XL compatible CycloDS Evo DSi. Cyclops for Nintendo 3DS. DS Flash cartridges.


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Should astronauts have CycloDS DS R4 cards on the international space station?


CycloDS DSi New CycloDS Evolution as seen on CNN news HK


CycloDS Evolution E3CycloDS Evolution LED TV displays at E3


CycloDS Evolution 3D
CycloDS Evolution Men Walking to Dual-Screen 3D


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Cyclops DS Skins


CycloDS Evolution Skin
CycloDS Evolution Skin


CycloDS Evolution R4 Cart

Revolutionary Evolution R4 Cart comes in White and Black colors


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