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    NDS ROMs


    NDS R4 Roms Nintendo DS R4 flash memory cards use the same roms that you have seen being used in NDS emulators. Same with SuperCard, M3, AceKard and CycloDS Buy a blank cart for .nds roms

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    StarCraft 3


    R4DS rom cards are small adapters the size of a DS cartridge that can hold a microSD or (micro SDHC) card and on this flash memory card you can store NDS roms & DSi rom games for playing on NDS, DS Lite and DSi and DSiXL consoles. Buy R4 DS Cards

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Game Downloads for R4 DS Cards - Nintendo DS Roms / NDS ROM files.

Where I can find / download NDS ROMs?

ROM are very easy to find online. Just look for "Nintendo DS ROMs" on Google and you will find a lot.

nintendo ds roms 3ds

How can I play NDS Roms on my Nintendo DS / DSi -- many people are looking to find.

What are Nintendo DS ROMs, here is the technical definition from -  Nintendo DS ROM image, or simply NDS ROMs are computer files with a copy of all the data in a Read-Only Memory chips or a Nintendo Cartridge. The name roms is most often used to describe a video game cartridge backup, but sometimes it can be used for firmware of a smart phone (as in Android ROM and iPhome ROM) or computer's motherboard firmware or an arcade game backup copy (MAME ROM).


The term ROM is commonly known in the context of emulation, where the old games or firmware ROM files are copied to today's computers and the software can be used as an emulator, the newest on the equipment. In short, a ROM, a copy of the game that can be downloaded online.

So How do NDS ROMs work?

Download - unzip and then just copy the ROM to a microSD card, insert the microSD card into your R4 DS flash cart or Supercard DSTWO, or AceKard 2i, boot up your Nintendo DS and the games from the microSD card will show up in the game menu.

What are Top Nintendo DS ROM?

There are some great games that are * on the Nintendo DS Both of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and soul tracks * Big Brain Academy: Test your brain Bros! Advance Wars Castlevania Games * * * * Mario Kart DS New Super Mario


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Can I play DS ROMs on 3DS with R4DS?

This has not been tested, but it the the first thing we will try as soon as we get our hands on one of the Nintendo 3DS consoles. It is highly likely that with some minor changes to the boot loader or maybe even without any changes we will be able to bypass N3DS copy protection in DS mode and play NDS roms. All new AP measures that Nintendo has talked about will be for the new N3DS Games and can not be introduced for the older Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS cartridges / and Flash Cards to keep the backward compatibility with the already existing game catalog.

nintendo ds roms 3ds

Nintendo 3DS Roms and R4 3DS Flash Cards

Will there be Nintendo 3DS Roms?
Yes, sure there will like we have rom backups for all other systems.

Will there be R4 3DS Flash Cards?

Yes - but the unknown here is how soon. See game developers already have Nintendo made game copy devices for testing 3DS Games when they are being developed, but it is not clear how soon N3DS will be hacked and which team will release the first working R4 3DS Flash Card. My bets are SuperCard 3DS followed by AceKard 3D and Cyclo3DS and after that the clones will appear with names being variations of R4 3DS.
For Nintendo DS, DSL and DSi . R4 3DS backup tools for N3DS.